What is Metaseed?
Last updated January 17th 2022
Metaseed is a global decentralized crypto networking community operating in the NFT space which allows users to build their own online business. This unique technology in Ethereum allows users to create their own team and earn passive income on completely transparent terms, without restrictions.
The Metaseed community is open to users from most countries, has convenient tools to get started and users will be guided along the entire development path. The most important advantages of the Metaseed platform are its independence, security and the complete absence of fees.
Metaseed is a fully decentralized platform that runs on Ethereum smart contracts, so it is absolutely immutable, cannot be disabled or altered, since there is no central authority that controls it. A smart contract is a self-executing algorithm that provides complete transparency as all transactions are publicly available and can be viewed using the blockchain browser.
The Metaseed smart contract code is an algorithm that processes rewards to partners in a matrix structure. It is a self-executing algorithm that performs the function of distributing partner rewards between users, subjected to certain conditions. The source code of the smart contract is publicly available. You can find information on the transactions using the following links:
The most important difference between Metaseed and other platforms is the complete absence of risk. All interactions are processed in the blockchain by the smart contract and cannot be changed or altered by anyone, even the creators. All transfers go directly to the users' wallets, without hidden fees. This ensures that every reward earned is wholly owned by the person and can be used as soon as it goes into his wallet.
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